Sweet Art Bakery in St. Louis

Cupcake making is an art-you need the right cake to frosting ratio, and everyone knows, the prettier the cupcake, the better it tastes! Sweet Art does it all with flair and lots of color.

The bakery itself is a restaurant where you can sit down enjoy the original artwork and some delicious vegetarian fare in St. Louis.

Source: Yelp
Name: Sweet Art
Location: 2203 S 39th St St Louis, MO 63110
Reviews: 100

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Sweet Art has the most delicious brownies hands down and the most natural (but moist & flavorful) cupcakes I’ve ever had! No one else compares. We try to…Read More

Needed to satisfy a sweet craving and a sandwich craving ASAP, and it was 5:40 PM. I had to get to Sweet Art before 6:00 PM. Could I make it??

Checking in…Read More

Sweet Art


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