Check Out What’s Going On at The Harvest Festival on October 19

Harvest Fest STL

With the seasons changing, there will be lots of fun activities and events to look forward to. One of the St Louis fall festivals taking place is the Harvest Festival. Enjoy the best food and drinks around, along with live music. This is a fun event for the whole family and a great opportunity to meet local vendors. The festival takes place on Sunday, … [Read more...]

Workout at Anytime Using Our 24 Hour Fitness Center

24 Hour Fitness Center

The property of Village Royale is designed around your needs. Not only do these homes have lovely scenery, there are a number of terrific features to help you in your life. For example, these are St Louis apartments with fitness centers. You can work out when you want, no traveling required. You know you have good apartment living when there is a … [Read more...]

Have a Great Roadtrip Using These 3 Tips

Tips for a better road trip

When it’s time to get out of town for a fun roadtrip, planning is key to ensuring things go smoothly. The next time you pack up to take a journey by car, keep in mind a few summer roadtrip tips so you can fully enjoy the ride. 1. If you’ll be gone for a few days, it’s smart to have a friend check on your Village Royale Apartment and bring in the … [Read more...]

Our Community Laundry Facility is Open 24 Hours

24 Hour Laundry Facility

All of our St Louis apartments for rent include a washer and dryer, but we know sometimes you need to find an alternative for your laundry. If your washer and dryer break down, or if someone else in your household is doing their laundry, come on over to our laundry facility of our Village Royale community. Our on-site laundry facility is open 24-hours … [Read more...]

Get Ready for The Great Forest Park Ballon Race on September 19

Great Forest Park Balloon Race

It will be a picture perfect day when The Great Forest Park Balloon Race returns September 19-20 to St. Louis. In its 42nd year, this gathering is the oldest and most well attended free hot air balloon event in the world. It also happens to be one of the great St. Louis fall events that is fun for the entire family. Festivities gets underway on … [Read more...]