4 Tips for Properly Arranging Your Apartment Furniture

Low Cost Decor

Decorating your interior space isn't as easy as throwing furniture into a room. If that's your approach, you'll most likely end up with an interior design that doesn't quite fit your vision of a dream home. In today's world of online advice and designer tips, it's easier than ever to create a furniture layout you'll love. Here are four tips to get you on … [Read more...]

Our Community Swimming Pool is the Perfect Place to Cool Down This Summer


This summer, take full advantage of our new community pool with waterfall. It is one summer destination where you can beat the heat and have some very cool fun while enjoying time with friends and family. The pool is situated within walking distance of the entire community. Nestled at the bottom of a small hill, the pool area is beautifully landscaped … [Read more...]

Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Summer With These 5 Tips

Ceiling Fan

Modern conveniences are wonderful, but during summer, they can create an energy drain that increases your bills substantially, unless you take steps to consciously reduce usage. However, those steps aren't difficult, especially at the Village Royale Apartments. Here are five simple steps you can take to keep your energy usage in check. Ensure the … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling This Summer

Get to Know Your New St Louis Neighborhood with These 4 Tips

It won't be much longer before the kids are back in school. So now before any more time slips away, start making plans for that family getaway. What's that? You can't afford a vacation this year? Yes, you can, if you utilize these smart money saving tips. Always book accommodations that come with a kitchen. Even if you don't plan on preparing all … [Read more...]

5 Design Ideas for Your Apartment Decor

Take a Look at our One and Two Bedroom Apartments

Spruce up the look of your Village Royale apartment in the coming weeks so that you're ready for summertime entertaining. The following are a few helpful apartment decor tips: Find versatile furniture pieces- Versatile furniture pieces that can serve many different purposes are great for apartment living, where you want to do as much as you can with … [Read more...]