Have a Beautiful Date Night in Downtown St. Louis at Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar

Date Night in Downtown St Louis at Blondie's Coffee and Wine Bar

Downtown St Louis restaurants are the most happening places to be when you want to enjoy a beautiful date night.  But the best setting hands down is Blondie's Coffee and Wine Bar which is the choice for many residents at Village Royale Apartments.  Their reputation for excellence is certainly well deserved and the interior is swanky and the seating is … [Read more...]

Keep Your Apartment Clean By Adopting These 3 Habits

Keep Your Apartment Clean By Adopting These Habits

Is cleaning your apartment an all-day job? It doesn't have to be. By following these apartment cleaning tips every day, you can keep your apartment cleaner all of the time -- so you never have to have an all-day cleaning session again. Put your clothes away nightly. This include the clothes you wore than day, as well as any clothes you brought home … [Read more...]

Get Your Apartment Organized With These 3 Tips

Get Your Apartment Organized With These Tips

Let's face it: keeping our homes organized and perfect all the time is not realistic, or easy. However, finding ways to make cleaning a bit simpler can make a huge difference over time. Sifting through dozens of apartment organization tips can be tiring, and we're after the effective, most loved tips to keep orderliness at home and messiness at bay. … [Read more...]

Have a Night Out in St. Louis at Hammerstone’s at 9th & Russell

Have a Night Out in St Louis at Hammerstone's at 9th & Russell

It's the weekend, and you're tired of doing the same old thing. St Louis nightlife is vibrant and exciting if you known the right places to go. For something new and different, try Hammerstone's, a great club that has everything you would want for a great time out with your friends. Hammerstone's, which is located at the corner of 9th Street and … [Read more...]

Find an Apple Orchard Near Your St Louis Apartment

Apple Orchards in St Louis

Fall is the perfect time of the year to plan an outing with friends or family to go apple picking. Not only is it fun, you also get to enjoy the delicious fruit. Make note of the following apple orchards near St Louis apartments. Herman's Farm is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Here you can pick Honeycrisp apples and Jon-A-Gold apples. This … [Read more...]